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Spice garden farm house

The Beauty of Spice Garden

Nature will always have wonderful things to offer you. Agritourism is a combination of travelling and witnessing farm life, for a unique experience. One such bewitching place is the Spice Garden Farm House, a farm stay near Wayanad, Kerala. It is a tourist attraction where people travel to experience the agricultural and rural lifestyle of the farm. There are several organic products that you can purchase, which are fresh and directly brought from the farm, without any agents in between. It is the best place for weekend getaways, as you can escape from the busy schedule of life. Below are a few wonderful reasons, why you should visit this amazing Spice Garden Farm House

1. Savour, healthy, organic food


The food is extremely popular for its varied and distinct flavors. The fresh food that is served is appetizing and scrumptious, enriched with the goodness of coconut milk and curry leaves. You can relish the rustic local Kerala food cooked in the magnificent kitchens. The organic food that is served is healthy, with authentic recipes that are passed on from generation to generation.

2. Connect to the soil

Framing represents the beautiful scene of life in rural India. You can explore and take a step forward to learn farming activities like plucking organic fruits, plowing the field, milking cows, feeding the livestock in the farm, and gazing around the lovely paddy fields. Help farmers grow crops and try to learn how wonderful this process is, so that later you can pass on the knowledge to different people and that they can feel connected to their roots.

3. Laze around in the cool breeze

Farms are a remarkable example of peace, beauty, and tranquility. In the urban cities, you will see the concrete buildings, where there is less number of trees, and spending good time in the hammock under the city is a big dream in today’s fast-paced cities. Spice Garden Homestay gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity where you can inhale Nature’s fresh air without any contamination. Spending time under the trees in a hammock with your loved ones is a beautiful feeling that you can never witness in the city’s busy life.

4. Live like the locals


Spice Garden Farm House accommodates a beautiful homestay with lovely rooms. It is very clean, well equipped and extremely comfortable. The stream downside makes it more thrilling and incredible, as the location is exotic. Thus, this attracts a large number of tourists to rejuvenate and rejoice.

Thus, Spice Garden, one of the best places to visit near Wayanad Kerala, is a home away from Home. The alluring location is famous for spice plantation. It is a beautiful weekend getaway amidst nature, and the stream flowing below the farmstay is the perfect place to enjoy with family and friends, and spend a great weekend.

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