Experience the bliss of summer in Shrusthi Farms

Imagine, you’re unable to complete your targets, and the boss just yelled, leaving you embarrassed. The first thing that pops up in your to mind is to run away to a place that is peaceful and away from the stress and tensions. Nature is the best healer, whether it’s walking down the hills or star gazing at night. As city life can be frustrating with overcrowded pedestrians, pollution, and a hectic atmosphere, taking a break to the best farmstay near Mumbai can rejuvenate you. Once you take a break on weekends, from the busy schedule of urban life, you‘ll immediately sense your anxiety and stress reducing.

This summer Shrushti Farms offers you amazing activities, check it out.

1. Nature Landscape

You can stay for a couple of nights at the homestay at Shrusti. It not only provides you peace, but also serene vicinity. Take part in farming activities such as ploughing fields, walking in the paddy fields, feeding the livestock, manuring, etc. You can learn to milk a cow or sleep in the shade, breathing the fresh air. Physical activity releases endorphins, which give you a positive vibe and cheer you up. Manual farm labour is a good change from normal walks and jogs we take in the city, so breathe in the fresh air.

2. Summer Swim

Once you are amidst nature, it gives you ample opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. A dose of adventure is never harmful. The retreat offers a swimming pool, water slides, and rain dance to chill in the summers with your friends and family. You’ll definitely feel refreshed by the cool water, as you can laze around in the swimming pool and have a grand view of the mountains nearby.

3. Spice Garden

The farm is famous for its spice plantations and constantly waits to give you the next adventure. The bird watching activity while walking through the plantation is a delight in itself. You can sit back and laze around, and spend your whole day marveling at the rare colorful flowers. Drive down to the farm stay, which is among the best one day picnic spots in Mumbai, and experience a different joy and love. In the morning, go for a village walk and witness the 360-degree Panoramic view of the landscape from the Machan, which is thrilling. You can meditate sitting near to the waterfalls while inhaling the fresh air, as the cool breeze touches your skin.

4. Golfway – Glow in the summer

Mini Golf is the small version of Golf game, which is played on a very firm Golf Course. Golf is interesting and a popular sport throughout the world. Not only golf, but there are many outdoor and indoor games, where you can participate, such as Badminton, Marble, Baseball, Hula Hoop, Rugby, Ludo, Chess, Jenga, Scrabble, Darts, Monopoly, Chinese Checkers, and many more.

Make sure to visit Shrusthi Farms, best farmstay near Igaptpuri, before the summer ends. The charisma of the countryside is altogether a different feeling. Drive down here for a perfect weekend to rejoice and rejuvenate with loved ones.

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