Waghrat Eco Farms: An Amazing Retreat with Lush Greenery

Waghrat Eco Farm is in the arms of the Konkan region and is a truly amazing retreat with lush greenery amidst nature. The farmhouse is open for all and is an awesome place, completely designed as per your comfort. You can feel true Konkan lifestyle at the farm, which guarantees you real peace of mind from your day to day hectic schedule. These are a few reasons why you should come and explore this farm.

1) Relax in the cool shade

visit-Waghrat-Eco-Farms-blog1Life without internet is possible, but not without trees and plants. Waghrat Eco Farms makes the perfect natural border offering extensive privacy. They are dedicated towards creating a spacious atmosphere for the travelers travelling there. The greenery is unique compared, to other retreats, and adds beauty to your landscape, being visually pleasing. The trees retain their rich colour throughout the year, providing a calming green background to tourists who visit the retreat. These gorgeous trees form an alluring backdrop to the perennial garden, while providing your family with the privacy that you are looking for.

2) Take a dip in the river

Take a dip into the cool waters of natural springs present throughout the area. There is a different joy amidst nature, with spectacular panoramic views, and the gushing waters of the flowing river. Adding to the sheer amazement, people travel to this retreat to take dips in the river, as it is pristine and tranquil. There’s so much of happiness in this eco-farming retreat.

3) Learn to climb a tree

Learn-to-climb-a-tree-banner2From the house we live in, to the air we breathe, we need trees. Climbing trees can help develop physical strength, and hence being surrounded by the woods is altogether a different feeling. You can learn to climb trees in this tranquil eco-farming retreat. Life in the city is completely different from lifestyle in urban areas. There are no concrete buildings in these rural areas, and that’s the reason it’s serene and un-spoilt by the urban culture.

4) Enjoy Amazing Konkan Fruits

The exotic fruit grown in this retreat is fresh, healthy and organic. Major fruits like mango, cashew, and jackfruit varieties are grown in abundance. The Alphonso mangoes grown in the Konkan region are sweeter, juicer and more appealing. You can pluck those fruits and purchase organic products, to help them grow their business rapidly.

5) Rustic cottages

Waghrat Eco Farms have cottages that are cozy and rustic, surrounded by the lush green trees, pristine rivers, abundant fauna, and tranquillity. They provide amenities like comfortable beds, electric points and well-maintained washrooms. Everything is pleasant and perfect, and you just have to relax without compromising on the modern amenities.

Hence, visit this beautifully maintained Eco-farming retreat on your weekends or spend your vacation in the calmness and serenity of the blissful Waghrat Eco Farms. This eco-farming center would be a great place to have fun with your loved ones and create happy memories that you cherish forever.

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