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Best Weekend Getaway near Pune

Vishwakirti A Paradise Amidst Nature

Want to take a break from your hectic office schedule, and wondering where to go for a team outing? Visit Vishwakirti for a fun and exciting office trip in nature’s lap. Nature not only heals your soul but refreshes your mind and reduces stress. Vishwakirti is a beautiful homestay amidst nature. A lot of people enjoy being outdoors, far away from the maddening city crowds, to breathe in fresh air, laze around, and eat healthy food, which is picked from farms attached to these resorts and retreats. Team outings help in creating strong bonds and knowing each other even more. These are the reasons why you should visit this farm stay near Pune:

1. Swimming in the Lake

Teesta White River Rafting Sikkim

Swimming is fun, and a great exercise, where the water is the perfect medium to encourage rehabilitation and relaxation. You and your team would definitely fall in love with the vicinity. There’s not much crowd, and you can enjoy unmatched leisure experience during your stay at one of the most relaxing farm stays. Relax in our swimming pool whilst you stay here.

2. Connect Back to the Roots


Vishwakirti retreat is a cheerful place to learn and experience the old culture and engage in the farm activities like ploughing the field, rice hulling, milking the cow, feeding the livestock and thus this helps you to get exposed to the real life of farmers, and know how difficult it is to get food in our table. This not only helps you connect back to roots but the physical activity that is done, reduces the stress and energizes the body.

3. Camp Fire


Camp Fire sounds interesting, doesn’t it? A warm, smoky fire crackling with flames dancing up towards the stars, and as they say, time flies when you are with your friends. Sitting beside a campfire not only gives you thrills, but it brings in relaxation and comfort. The delicious cooked meal over an open fire is always exciting.

4. Shaping the growing world

Nature consists of both, humans and animals. This farm has wonderful livestock, and you can feed the farm animals and watch them play amongst themselves, which is quite entertaining and refreshing from life in the city. The beauty of the retreat is so much more than words can describe.

Thus, this place is one of the best weekend getaways near Pune. Visiting here would be fun, as it holds a full package of entertainment, education, relaxation, outdoor adventures, shopping, and dining experiences. The scrumptious food is cooked with farm fresh ingredients, which are great for health and immunity. This trip is cost-effective and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Bring your team for a fun weekend, encourage environmental practices, and go back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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