Krishivan Agri Tourism: More Than Just Cows and Plows

Agri-tourism is defined as travel, which includes experiencing the agriculture and rural lifestyle of local villages. Rural culture attracts a lot of tourists from across the world. The concept of agritourism refers to life in the village, where you can buy fresh agro products directly from the farm without any middleman. For weekend getaways, you can visit Krishivan AgriTourism, a farm stay near Alibaug. This place amidst nature is an amazing retreat where you can spend some time with your friends and family. It is one of the most wonderful places to visit near Alibaug, to escape from the hustle bustle of the city. Agritourism aims to conserve diversity and helps you connect back to the roots of the village. Here are a few reasons why you should visit Krishivan AgriTourism

1. Farm Life

Best-agroturism-Krishivan-Blog2-image2Farming activities are a great way to learn about sustainable agriculture while having fun with friends and family. You can participate in activities like ploughing the field, milking cows, and gardening in ways that can protect and preserve the environment. While being amidst nature, you can witness the beauty of the environment around on a tractor ride and watch the birds chirping in the open spaces of the farm.

2. Unique Accommodation

Best-agroturism-Krishivan-Blog2-image1Krishivan Agri Tourism provides unique accommodation to its visitors. They offer traditional huts with both, AC & Non-Ac variants, which are well equipped with the best amenities. The huts are designed with traditional Warli Paintings and will definitely give you a rustic feel. A special hut is also made out of Chira Stone, which naturally keeps the room cool and is naturally soundproof. Hence, this makes your stay more relaxing and refreshing.

3. The beautiful Environment

The farm environment is not only beautiful, but you will definitely get a glimpse of the engaging and captivating scenic views. You can take a walk through the paddy field which is an experience that even the city can’t provide. Many people travel from urban areas to spend their weekends at this farm, as the atmosphere is unadulterated and rich with natural air

4. Barbeque

This captivating local village offers a rustic barbeque experience, which is remarkable. Eating organic food is healthier than having non-organic food, and the food that is served here is mouth-watering. There are no pesticides used to contaminate food. You learn how to grow organic food for a nutritious diet. The deliciously rustic food that is cooked directly comes from the farmlands.

Krishivan Agri Tourism welcomes you to stay amidst nature and experience a whole different culture and lifestyle. It is the best place for a weekend getaway near Alibaug. You can drive to this exhilarating place and witness the serene vicinity of farm life.

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