Paddy Farm

Have you always wanted to experience life as a farmer, toiling all day in vast fields? A paddy farm visit serves as an ideal vacation activity for you. Learn the A B Cs of paddy plantation, and individually take part in helping farmers plant rice seedlings. Marvel at the beauty of the lush green land around you, and feel a part of the community, as they sing folk songs and use a mix of indigenous and innovative methods to get their work done efficiently. Revel in the sensation of cool mud on your tired feet, and kiss your tiredness goodbye. Paddy farm tours in farmstays in Maharashtra, India are truly the best way for groups to bond among themselves, and also with the local communities around the area. This activity is also a great way to expose children to rural India, as well as farming, through a fun and interactive experience. Taste the hard earned fruit of labour, as you sit down for a delicious rustic meal after your day of work. Head to a paddy farmstay near your city for a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

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