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Punjab, also known as the ‘Land of Five Rivers’ is a chief State in India, with its wealth of cultural history. Having the ability to switch from calm to boisterous within a moment, Punjab’s character lies within its large-hearted folk. The people of Punjab, known for their humour, nobility, and touch of quirkiness hold the spirit of Punjab within their laughter and friendliness. Visit the magnificent Golden Temple and feel at peace in the serenity within the crowd of worshippers. Dance and Music flow in Punjab’s air, with Punjabi folk music and delightful Bhangra. The rich agricultural sector comprising largely of wheat and corn crops have given rise to cozy farmstays in Punjab. Tourists get to experience the true essence of Punjab, by being one with the locals and helping out with farming activities. Drink lassi in glasses that are as tall as the sky, enjoy the seasonal Sarson Ka Saag, and participate in the historical Baisakhi Festival. The experiences you have in Punjab can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world.

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Farmer’s Villa

Fatehgarh Churian Rd, Amritsar, Punjab, India
  • Farmstay in Punjab, Organic Farming

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