Farmstay in Karnataka

Karnataka stands as one of India’s models of ethnic diversity. The melting pot of cultures, flavors, and landscapes, seamlessly blend together to give Karnataka its essence. The magnificent Mysore Palace illuminated on Sundays and public holidays hold everyone’s attention as they marvel at its beauty. Stay at a farmstay in Karnataka, and learn about crops like rice and coconut, that are eminent in the State. The picturesque Jog Falls gives nature lovers their dose of scenic beauty. Just like its diverse cultures, Karnataka’s offers a mix of assorted cuisines and dishes, and local delicacies such as spicy Rasam and mouthwatering Bisibelebath. Rich in culture and heritage, Karnataka’s music, art, and dance forms are honored all over the world, giving rise to award winning revered artists. Karnataka’s world heritage sites like Hampi, hold yearly festivals that celebrate the joy of a life full of art. Karnataka holds the ability to enthrall and delight, making it one of the most favorable destinations in India for holidays.

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