Country Sports Activities

Have rustic country sports always intrigued you? Head to a farmstay near your city with your friends, family, or colleagues, and enjoy a fun-filled time, indulging in traditional Indian sports that you can only experience in full force, in the countryside. Enjoy a mix of active and relaxing activities, as you play games involving the large expanse of green grass, such as Gilli-danda, Kho-Kho, Wrestling, Badminton, Kite flying, and more. Relax in the warm afternoon with fun indoor games like Carom, Pallanguzhi, etc. Relish the taste of rich country food with its aromatic spices and soothing flavour. You can take walks around the countryside, exploring nature’s bounty, and find rare flora and fauna along the way. Take the most Instagram-worthy sunset, filled with rich red and orange hues. The country has something for everyone, and definitely for the adventurous, who long to let their hair down and experience a true life in rural India. Your next vacation can actually be more fun than the bowling alley or arcade down the road. Choose your next vacation in Maharashtra, India, and experience life at its fullest, indulging in various country sports with your loved ones.

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