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Agritourism Centers Around Mumbai & Pune


Tapola, also known as the mini-Kashmir of Western India, is a scenic delight this time of the year. With lush greenery all around and the sweet smell of flowers growing in the wild, it is an experience like no other. When you reach there, you will be greeted by beautiful strawberry fields and friendly locals. Tapola by itself is incredibly relaxing for people who want to simply marvel at the silence and the scenery all around, but for the explorers, there are also various sightseeing spots nearby, that makes it a great tourist attraction. Read More

3 Unique Retreats in India for Your next Relaxing Weekend Getaway

City life can get pretty exhaustive, with traffic and pollution. We get so caught up with the demanding routines that we forget to take a break and rejuvenate. Instead of waiting for a burn out, it’s a good idea to take off to someplace for the weekend. For the least cost and most rest, farmstays are the best choice. With a homely vibe, they are a good break, away from mainstream hotels and cities. Their cozy factor, coupled with fresh, ‘breathable’ air ensures that visitors leave, feeling calm and refreshed. Read More

Agro-Tourism – A Family’s Day Out

Agrotourism or so-called ‘Agritourism’ has become a popular destination for various occasions, which includes parties, gatherings, weddings and a family’s day out. Not only does it bring change for the Read More

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